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Black Territories

Porto Alegre - Brazil Brazil has created an excluding architectural memory. The big majority of the squares, streets and avenues are named and received monuments in honor of military staff, politicians and a certain intellectual elite, which in a big majority were white. These points are all day and tourist reference points. In a subtle manner, this monumental and architectural organization helps to invisibilize even more the presence and history of our minorities. Vising to repair this lack and strengthen the historical presence of the black population, there are two projects being realized in Porto Alegre which work had in hand with the intention to tell and valorize the afro-brazilian culture in the city. The initiative "Territórios Negros" (Black Territories) promotes the visibility of the black presence in the city, tells about cultural customs and way of life since the period of slavery up to today about the black resistance movements and marches for recognition. On a part of the tour we can see the constructions of the museum of the black traces (Museu de Percurso do Negro) in Porto Alegre, which hast installed artworks in public spaces of the city to evidence the black presence. We made an awsome register with the initiators of "Territórios Negros". Until the video is ready, we are publishing this album with the reference points of the track.

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