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Cultural Hug

Would you be able to imagine what life as a refugee would look like? Can you imagine the challenges and daily struggles you would face? Integrating into a new context in such a situation is not even close to be easy. Even more with all the xenophobia and prejudice that are out there. What if we break stereotypes and look at refugees from another point of view? If instead of problems, could we find solutions with them? This is the Abraço Cultural's ("Cultural Hug") proposal, which offers language courses taught by refugees at lower prices than traditional language schools. Cultural exchange, improving the language, meeting people, making friends and providing opportunities for refugees to be valued. In addition, it promotes the refugees integration into society and encourages cultural exchange between teachers and students. We visited the schools in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Check out this beautiful project that helps to make the lives of many refugees in Brazil better! (With english subtitles)

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