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bicycle in the school

Florianópolis - Brazil We were received a warm welcome from Ana Destri and Sergio Fregolão on the last tuesday morning. We participated at the activities at the Almirante Carvalhahl public school in Coqueiros, a neighbourhood of Florianópolis located on the continent.The project, which is known in the region as well inside and outside Brazil began in 2012. Ana Destri, creator of the initiative highlighted the importance of an active role for the kids within the relation teaching-learning, which was important for the foundation of the project itself. She told us that she used to go by bike to the school where she gave classes and the students itself were surprised, questioned and were interested in matters related to her means of transport and even wanted to have classes about it. This situation inspired her to start with the project, which expanded to other schools of the city and today can count of the support and articulation of the national Bike-Anjo network. The project id focused in children from public schools and teaches them subjects related to mobility, reflecting on transit relationships and means of transportation through a more human and critical point of view. The morning we spent together, we were able to be part of some dynamics of the project and the children's interest was evident. This shows the urgency of a kind of education, so little valued and so important: an education that goes beyond the limits of the classroom, leads the children to reflect their insertion in the world and prepares them for life.

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