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Las Vulvas: Feminist cultural house

It's easy to recognize when you are inside a place of dreams. Not the dream as a yearning, but the physical projection of what is wanted for the world. It is impossible not to feel the energy of the places like that. Places that have been dreamed and therefore carry a little of the playful, as if they were a step closer to a utopia. The Casa Cultural Las Vulvas is one of these. In the heart of Pelotas, just a few blocks from the Public Market, a historic building opens its doors and offers the community a comfortable and differentiated space. The house is beautiful and has furniture, decoration and gardening made by the project managers themselves: Ana Claudia Godois and Cássia Camila Cavalheiro. The cultural center is independent and non-profit. In order to stimulate reflection on gender relations and strengthen female protagonism, there are various activities, ranging from talk shows and workshops to shows and exhibitions. But it is not because it is a feminist cultural center that man is not welcome: you can go, mate! Space is for you too. But respect the women and their places of speech. Why is this space so special? The Cultural House stands out in the city, because unlike other museums and culture houses of the city, it proposes a dialogue with local social issues, opening space for the peripheral artistic production and making room for necessary discussions that are not limited to women, addressing issues such as racism and discrimination. We left Pelotas with the certainty that we stopped by the right place and that when you invest in what you believe, you get closer to another possible world. Through listening, exchange and empathy, the Cultural House shows that it is possible, with great force and dedication, to build other ways of relating to the city, to people and to ideals.

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