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Repairer's Club - Buenos Aires/Argentinia

The present logic of production makes us enter in a cycle of consumption that does not close. We buy the thing, the thing spoils, we throw it away and buy a new one. But, wait! What about the old thing? Where does it go? How many old things are discarded by the technological innovations each year? In Buenos Aires, with the idea of ​​reconnecting people to the life cycle of a product and rethinking consumption, the Club of repairers promotes events throughout the city where almost everything can be repaired: from electronics to books, clothes, musical instruments, etc. The group also does a survey of repairers across the neighborhoods where they pass and use new technologies such as 3D printing to replace parts that had production discontinued. According to the founders, they are now investing in replicas of the club in more cities and as soon as possible a website will display all the information about their actions and strategies. The idea is to form a network and exchange experiences, promoting criticism of unbridled consumption and reconnection with the product life cycle. We did an interview with the members of the Club. While the interview is not ready, we share some of our photos!

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