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For a world where many worlds fit in

"For a world where many worlds fit in" (Zapatist Saying) This week we visited La casita Long Champs, in the south zone of Buenos Aires, to know a little more about the initiative and make an interview with Germán Doin, director of the film "The Forbidden Education". La casita de Long champs is a cooperative and self-managed community that seeks to subvert the hierarchical logic of teaching and learning that is established and so naturalized in the teacher-student relationship in formal educational spaces. When thinking and living other types of teaching-learning relationships, the community assumes that there are many kinds of knowledge and that the different ways of knowing must be valued. This means recognizing the importance not only of formal areas of knowledge, but also of those that are the fruit of experience and popular knowledge. In other words: everyone has some kind of knowledge to share, just as there is always something new to learn. This logic not only horizontalises educational relations but also expands their reach. It assumes that not only children participate in learning but also adults. German has shared with us some of his research trajectory on education, from The Forbidden Education to La Casita de Long Champs and the Reevo Network, which maps, documents and connects people, experiences, organizations and knowledge related to education Alternative, free learning and unconventional education models. Education processes exist in many spaces and happen in different ways. Rethinking educational practices and learning teaching relationships are fundamental steps to change our relationship with the world, making differences to be respected and to reach this world where many worlds fit in. Soon the interview will be available!

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