Equipment sponsorship



Bikes with tailor-made bamboo frame

Two bikes with bamboo frames, 18 gears, V-Brake, ring wheel cube 29, front and rear bicycle racks, butterfly handlebars


8 waterproof panniers - 4 front and 4 rear panniers

Handlebar bag

2 clickfix waterproof handlebar bags

Bike lock

Strong and light bike lock


Two good helmets, according to the safety standards

Bike GPS

GPS USB rechargeable, with computer mapping system and bluetooth


front and rear USB rechargeable signaling lights


Multifunctional tool, air pump, tube repair kit, chain cleaning kit, clamps, robust tape, wire

Spare Parts

Spare inner tubes, spare tyre, chain, brake pad, screws

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Camera DSLR

DSLR camera with good performance for video recording. Including accessories such as lens, memory card, spare battery and charger

Directional Microphone/Boom

Directional Condenser Microphone with good sound performance. Including accessories as windshield



Laptop with good video card (> 2GB), 2GHz processor and 6 GB RAM with charger and card reader


Tablet with long life battery

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light and stable tent with a capacity of at least 3 people (for luggage), with a good surface finish, windproof and waterproof

Sleeping bags

Two lightweight and compact sleeping bags with comfort temperature up to 10 ° C


Inlet + 4 ° C

Inflatable Mattress

Self-inflating mattress with high thermal insulation capacity

Solar Camp Shower Bag

black resistant PVC bag with wide top opening to heat water through the sun

Aluminum Bottle

Light resistant bottle, preferably aluminum

Multi-fuel camping stove

Multi-fuel camping stove

Camping cutlery and crockery

Camping cutlery and crockery

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Two raincoats with resistant material and high column of water

Fleece Jackets

Two coats of fleece, lighter warm for cold days

Shirts to ride

Four long-sleeved multifunctional and durable shirts to ride (two for each)


Four multi-functional t-shirts (two for each)

Zip Pants

Four multifunctional and durable zip pants to use as shorts and trousers (two for each)

Cycling Shorts

Two Cycling Shorts

Trekking Shoes

Two pair of trekking shoes with grip and "click" for use with pedal


Two lightweight shoes for use after cycling

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Personal hygiene products

Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and organic soap, sunscreen and insect repellent

First Aid Kit

Medicine, band-aid, alcohol spray and other accessories for first aid

Solar charger

Solar charger with power bank


Flashlight with LED lamp with head support

Laundry detergent

Biodegradable soap for washing clothes

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