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Help improve the impact of our project

You can support us through your social medias. Sharing the stories of local projects, we can collaborate to publicize their agendas, making them globally known and contributing to create a network of cooperation. At the same time, we help to mobilize and inspire new projects.


Share the Project with your networks!

Project recommendation

Do you know a great Latin American project? Tell us!

We are searching for local projects, realised in Latina America, by latin americans. If you know any great project, feel free to recommend it through our website or e-mail:


Do you live in Latin America and have any place to offer?

We are making this project voluntary. The more we save, the more projects we can register and the bigger the network will be! If you have a corner you can offer at your place on our route, it will help us a lot!

Invite us for a meal

Sharing a meal and ideas is always fun!

Do you feel like chatting and we are somewhere close? Hit us up!

If you have a little time and want to share a meal, get in touch! As soon as we are around we'll let you know!


Feed our piggy bank :)

Our piggy bank is running low! :(

If you like our project and you also believe in the potencial benefits of sharing those stories, you can also help donating some coins to our skinny little piggy bank.


You like our work?

All our work is volunteer. To cover our expenses with equipment, food, maintenance of the bikes, hygiene items, health insurance, domain etc. we are looking for sponsors and partners, which are aligned with our values and understand their responsability in transforming our world.

Just enter in contact with us.

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